Building Democratic School Cultures

Fluxul de mobilitate 1:

Trei inspectori școlari au participat la cursul Building Democratic School Cultures care a avut loc în perioada 5-11 octobrie 2018 la Oslo, Norvegia, susținut de organizația de formare The European Wergeland Cntre (EWC).

Training and study visit for Romanian Teacher Trainers, Oslo – 5-10 October, 2018

The European Vergeland Centre (EWC) will organize a training of trainers followed by a study visit in Oslo, Norway, for selected educational experts from Romanian Teacher Training Houses, County Centres for Resources and Educational Assistance or County School Inspectorates, responsible for the in-service training of teachers.

The four-day course will introduce hands on and interactive methods for building democratic school cultures and promoting inclusion. A focus will be on how to develop democratic competences such as critical thinking and cooperation skills in young learners.

The two day study visit will focus on how Norway is dealing with the lessons learnt from the terrorist attack of July 22, 2011 in education as a practical case study of how to deal with controversial issues in the class room.

Key aims:

The training course and study visit aim to support the quality of teacher training in Romania through strengthening competences of teacher trainers, school inspectors and school counselors.

The institutional objectives of this course and study visit are:

  • To strengthen capacity of county school inspectorates, teacher training institutions and education centres in Romania in citizenship and human rights education.
  • To contribute to the development of a professional pool of trainers in teacher training in Romania, with a focus on citizenship and human rights education.
  • To introduce and promote the latest Council of Europe approaches and tools in citizenship and human rights education, and to support their use in educational practice;

The educational objectives are:

  • To develop participants capacities to design, carry out and evaluate training for teachers and other education professionals in citizenship and human rights education, according to national priorities;
  • To support participants to learn how to apply a whole school approach that involves all stakeholders in school to develop a democratic and inclusive school environment;
  • To raise awareness and further develop skills on teaching controversial issues and dealing with diversity;
  • To raise confidence in applying interactive and learner-centred methods.
  • To reflect upon the Council of Europe Framework of Competences for Democratic Culture and to raise awareness on how to integrate it in teaching and learning process at school.

October 5:

  • Self-reflection of own competences and attitudes, joint needs assessment;
  • General principles of EDC/HRE and the Council of Europe Charter on EDC/HRE;
  • Whole School Approach;
  • The role of In-service trainer system in the whole school approach to EDC/HRE

October 6:

  • Competences for a democratic culture in the class room and beyond;
  • Active teaching methods promoting a democratic school culture and dialogue

October 7:

  • Diversity management at school
  • Building partnership with parents and the community

October 8:

  • Introduction of methods for school self-assessment
  • Work on the projects
  • Self-reflection of own competences and attitudes,

Study Visit:

October 9: How to deal with Controversial Issues in the Class Room? School visit.

October 10: Preparing Teachers to deal with 22. July and other controversial issues: Visit to Teacher training institution and 22. July Centre.

La sfârșitul cursului fiecare participant a scris un raport de activitate bazat pe competențele dobândite și a completat un chestionar de satisfacție. Echipa de trei inspectori va realiza un studiu privind democrația școlară și drepturile omului, urmând ca după încheierea celui de-al doilea flux de mobilitate cele două echipe să realizeze produsul final propus – o metodologie de intervenție în școli pe temele abordate.


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